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Welcome to CHUR Folk Metal band homepage!

Here you can find all about "CHUR" [Tchoor] word and dowload CHUR's mp3 ⇒

Hello, my friend!
If you searched for the "CHUR" [tchoor] word, and asked "CHUR - what it does mean?" or "CHUR word meaning", you just found the right place! Why? Because "CHUR" word has three meanings, and here you can find all of them just now in one minute!

1. The first meaning of "CHUR" word is the name of an ancient Slavic god. You can find a basic information about that god (and his influences to Slavic culture) right here, on Etymology page. You can also find an interesting info about his name as a part of Slavic protecting magic (and you can use it too, if you want :-).

2. Another meaning of "CHUR" word is the name of Ukrainian Folk Rock & Folk Metal band. Because of that name and of a strong Ukrainian folklore roots in lyrics, CHUR also called a Pagan Folk Metal band. And you're on the official website of the band now. Here you can listen, download for free or buy any kind of CHUR music in mp3, ogg, wave, flac and many other formats. Also you can download for free wallpaper, ringtones, NKI instruments and even download, install and play The The Dark Saga mod for Gothic II: Night of the Raven game with CHUR voice of main character.

2. And the third meaning of "CHUR" word is the name of the oldest town of Switzerland in Graubünden canton. And if you searching for a touristic information, such as "CHUR burger", hotel CHUR", "restaurant CHUR", "bus CHUR" etc., you can find it on that website.

I hope you found all necessary information about "CHUR" word and now you can make the right decision what to do next!
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